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About AAMC

Apollo Asset Management Company (AAMC) is an asset management firm focused exclusively on meeting the needs of both institutional and individual investors like pension schemes, collective investment funds, SACCOs, corporates, chamas and individual high-net worth investors and their families. Each benefits from the intellectual rigor that allows us to develop sophisticated strategies and enduring solutions. We are a 100% owned subsidiary of Apollo Investments Limited, one of Kenya’s leading insurance and property management companies.

We are an independent investment and wealth management firm. AAMC is licensed by the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) and the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) to conduct fund management and investment advisory services.

Our commitment is supported by the strength of our advice and our strength and stability as an organization.

We’re free to singularly focus on what we do best; personally deliver consistent, thoughtful advice in good and bad markets, year after year, generation to generation.

We have over US$100m in assets under management, and a professional team with over 100 years of combined investment experience.


o be the region’s most respected Group creating and protecting wealth. We put smiles on the faces of our stakeholders.



Private ownership allows us to take a long-term view on investments and maintain client relationships across generations.


Our Group’s strong and well capitalised balance sheet supports our independence and commitment to organisational and staff stability.


We are solely focused on investment and wealth management; we do not underwrite securities, make loans, or sell insurance products.


We work as a team to produce enduring and innovative investment and wealth management strategies for our clients.


Our stability and independence attracts exceptional professionals seeking a combination of small firm client-to-employee ratios and large firm access to asset classes and services.


Our very low client-to-employee ratio enables us to provide an uncommon level of personalized service.

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