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Vvuga Motor Private

APA ‘Vvuga’ is a reliable comprehensive motor package that allows you to pay for your car insurance in three easy equal installments.


The policy covers the vehicle in the event of any of the following:

  1. Accidental damage
  2. Theft
  3. Fire
  4. Malicious Damage
  5. Riots
  6. Strikers and Civil Commotion
  7. Political Violence & Terrorism
  8. Third Party Liability

Product Benefits

The benefits that come with this cover include:

  1. Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy for your vehicle.
  2. Political Violence and Terrorism Cover at no extra cost for vehicles valued up to 50,000,000 UGX
  3. FREE riveting and marking for clients who pay upfront, for vehicles valued at 15,000,000 UGX and more.
    1. The work will include marking all side mirrors, side glasses, lights, and even radio compartment (if allowed by insured) and riveting of wheel caps, sun visors, lights, spoilers, etc. as well as putting locks on side mirrors.
    2. This benefit will be available to all new clients and existing clients at the time of renewal. To avail of this benefit the premium is required to be paid in full to APA insurance upfront.
  4. Waiver of Police Report for theft of parts and in case of minor accidents not involving third parties, however the insured should report the accident or theft to the Police Station and obtain a police reference number for our records.
  5. Towing of accidentally damaged vehicles shall be done through our service providers, subject to insured’s policy limits, the payment will be made by APA directly to the panel of towing companies.
  6. Choice of a Panel of Ten (10) garages. However the client can use the garage of his own choice.
  7. Claim Payments made directly to the garages upon the customer’s confirmation of satisfactory repairs.
  8. Settlement within two (2) working days on completion of repairs in case the repair is done at a garage not in the panel.
  9. Medical expenses (arising out of an accident of the insured vehicle) for the driver, up to 500,000 UGX.


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